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Archived Manuscripts

Ethics - Light and Life at the End of the Tunnel

by S. Friedrichs and T. Pitman

Ethics - Substance Abuse.Pitman and Friedrichs.pdf — PDF document, 378 kB (387438 bytes)

Mortgage Foreclosure in North Carolina

by Jeff D. Rogers

Foreclosure.Rogers.pdf — PDF document, 673 kB (689274 bytes)

What Happens to Real Estate in Bankruptcy

by Adam M. Gottsegen

REAL ESTATE AND BANKRUPTCY.GOTTSEGEN.pdf — PDF document, 262 kB (268388 bytes)

Statutory Update 2011

by Kimberly Rosenberg

Statutory Update 2011.FERRELL.ONLINE VERSION.Updated 08 22 11.pdf — PDF document, 4515 kB (4624165 bytes)

Water Rights (and Wrongs)

by Bryan Rosenberg

WATER_RIGHTS 2011.Rosenberg.Online Version 08 22 11.pdf — PDF document, 242 kB (248063 bytes)

The Scrivener's Error Revisited

Scrivener's Errors.ONLINE.pdf — PDF document, 1936 kB (1982534 bytes)

Title Endorsements and Forms - ALTA & NCLTA

by D. Donovan Merritt

Title Endorsements and Forms Manuscript.Merritt.pdf — PDF document, 9059 kB (9276878 bytes)

Short Sales in Today's Market

by Steve Wilde NEW! Revised Short Sale Addendum has been attached. ~11/20/2012

2012 Short Sales in Today's Market.pdf — PDF document, 1018 kB (1042457 bytes)

NC Lawyers Assistance Program

by James Eldridge and Jonathan Washburn

2012 Seminar Series.LAP Presentation.pdf — PDF document, 555 kB (568394 bytes)

Cyber Security 101

by Bryan D. Rosenberg

Cyber Security 101.BDR.pdf — PDF document, 1014 kB (1038815 bytes)

Marital Relations

by W. Paul Lewis

MaritalRelations.Manuscript.WPL.pdf — PDF document, 326 kB (334163 bytes)

The Courage to Be Happy

by William S. Bost, III and Sheryl Friedrichs

2012 Ethics - Friends_PALS - Bost and Friedrichs.pdf — PDF document, 156 kB (159987 bytes)

2013 Lien Law Manuscript

by: Kimberly Rosenberg and Bryan Rosenberg

2013 03.Lien Law Manuscript - v1.pdf — PDF document, 2095 kB (2145604 bytes)

Recent Changes in LLC and Corporation Law

By Eric A. Vernon & Philip K. Hackley of Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP

New_NC_LLC_Act_Presentation_-_3_19_14_(Attorneys_Title_CLE) (1).pdf — PDF document, 1907 kB (1953417 bytes)

Traps for the Unwary Conveyancer

by: Manus E. Holmes

Traps for the Unwary Conveyancer.MHolmes.pdf — PDF document, 1672 kB (1712193 bytes)

Title Troubles 101

by: D. Donovan Merritt, Greg Henshaw and W. Paul Lewis

Title Troubles 101.pdf — PDF document, 1202 kB (1231773 bytes)

Water Rights (and Wrongs)

by: W. Paul Lewis

WATER_RIGHTS 2013.WPL.manuscript.pdf — PDF document, 299 kB (306431 bytes)

NC Lawyers Assistance Program

by: Jonathan W. Washburn

JW Lap.pdf — PDF document, 763 kB (782072 bytes)

North Carolina Lawyer Assistance Program - Winston Salem

by: Charles F. Royster, III and John K. Motsinger, Sr.

WinstonSalemLAP.pdf — PDF document, 432 kB (442531 bytes)

2013 Legislative Update

by: D. Donovan Merritt

2013 Legislative Update.DDM (2).pdf — PDF document, 1076 kB (1102809 bytes)

2013 Lien Law Update and Lien Waiver Overview

by: Kimberly Rosenberg

Lien Law Update.KBR.pdf — PDF document, 335 kB (343634 bytes)

NC Lawyers Assistance Program

By: Jonathan W. Washburn, LAP Volunteer and Chris Oring, LAP Volunteer

2014 Seminar Series.LAP.Washburn and Oring.pdf — PDF document, 631 kB (647006 bytes)

NC Lawyers Assistance Program

By: Bob Stitcher, LAP Volunteer

2014 Seminar Series.LAP WinstonSalem.pdf — PDF document, 1089 kB (1115457 bytes)

NC Lawyers Assistance Program

By: Edward Daniels Nelson, LAP Volunteer

2014 Seminar Series.LAP.Raleigh 12 02 14.pdf — PDF document, 1084 kB (1110895 bytes)

Trust Accounting Rules

By: Peter G. Bolac

2014.Trust Accounting.BOLAC.pdf — PDF document, 1949 kB (1996289 bytes)

Best Practices Framework

by Bryan Rosenberg, SVP - First American

CFPB Update.BDR.pdf — PDF document, 3084 kB (3158522 bytes)

Recent Changes in LLC and Corporation Law

By Eric A. Vernon & Philip K. Hackley of Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP

New_NC_LLC_Act_Presentation_-_3_19_14_(Attorneys_Title_CLE).pdf — PDF document, 1885 kB (1930493 bytes)

Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rule

By: Kimberly B. Rosenberg, President

Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rule.kbr.2015.pdf — PDF document, 481 kB (493368 bytes)

ALTA Best Practices for North Carolina Law Firms

By: Kimberly Rosenberg, President

CFPB Update and ALTA Best Practices 2015 v2.pdf — PDF document, 1450 kB (1485558 bytes)

LAP: Getting Lost in our Own Lives

By: Jonathan Washburn

Gettting Lost in Our Own Lives WASHBURN.pdf — PDF document, 2512 kB (2573202 bytes)

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